About the Group

Blackpool Business Leadership Group (BBLG) was established by a small group of business leaders to encourage improved communication between the private and public sectors, and support the wider economic development of the town. Since then, the group has grown in size and stature. It now comprises scores of business and industry leaders from across the private sector in Blackpool and has become the hub of private and public sector partnership wor...

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Latest News

The Blackpool Business Leadership Group is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017. The group was initially set up at the end of 2006 with a handful of businesses coming together. In 2007, it was formally established with a key objective of encouraging public and private sector to work together on resort regeneration. Over the 10 years, the number of active businesses has grown to almost 200 and it is now one of the biggest partnerships of...

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Each bi-monthly meeting BBLG receive a ‘partnership report’ which updates members on the latest regeneration news, government initiatives and other local news of relevance to the business community, together with any progress on agreed actions. You will find this, along with notes of meetings, and other locally or nationally commissioned reports that have been referenced in these reports, either in pdf format or as weblinks to the original source.

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